President’s Message January 2007


Happy New Year!! I am pleased to say that we are starting this 2007 New Year
with ending 2006 on a very successful year for our organization. This time
of year is when we have our annual board of director’s retreat. This
all day retreat will be held next month and this is where we set our goals
and objectives
for the upcoming months ahead. This retreat is also where we assign our committee
chairman for all the special events for 2007. It is here where we will insure
for all of you that the special events and meetings planned will be a success
for 2007.

I want to thank our friends at Kroeschell for co-sponsoring our Christmas
meeting last month. It is always a special meeting and a special time for the
The presents and cash so generously donated by those that attended were distributed
by the Boys and Girls Club to needy children. That generosity from all of you
is greatly appreciated and reflects the spirit of Christmas in helping the
children in the Chicagoland area.

On behalf of the CEAC –Thank you all.

This month we will host a special meeting for members of the CEAC. The topic
is homeland security and we will have local representation from the Illinois
Department of Homeland Security on-hand to tell us all what steps are being
taken to help us ensure the safety of our tenants and facilities. It is an
meeting and I encourage all of you to attend this educational meeting on the
17th of this month.

The New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions. With that in
mind, I would like you all to join with your board of directors in resolving
to make
our Association better and more accommodating for our members in the future.
It is not enough that we rest upon our success, but that we strive to improve
in every way that we can. Remember the motto of our Association – “Anything
Being Done, Can Be Done Better”.

Happy New Year!


Harold Hacker

President, CEAC

Van’s Industrial

231 Condit St.
Hammond, IN 46320
Telephone: 219-931-4881 Fax: 219-933-6470