Torque Wrench With Swiveling Head Introduced

The DTW 150/200 is a light-weight digital toque wrench with a swiveling wrench
head. It has a working torque range up to 180 Torque controlled wrenches
can also be evaluated by comparative tests on a given fastener.

oth breakaway
and loosen tests can be performed. Rugged enough to be used as a production
tool, the DTW 150 has a 1/4” drive and the DTW 200 has a 3/8” drive.

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Luminaire Rated For 100,000 Hours

Appleton, a worldwide leader in hazardous location electrical equipment, introduced
its new Mercmaster III Induction Luminaire featuring QL Induction technology.

With a 20-year rated life or 100,000 hours, this unique fixture provides
a cost-effective long-term solution for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial
lighting needs,
and is especially effective where access for relamping is difficult, maintenance
is prohibitively expensive, and reliability is absolutely essential. Even
after 60,000 hours of use, the Mercmaster III Induction Luminaire should maintain
percent of its total light output.

QL induction technology promises many additional benefits to Mercmaster III
Induction Luminaire users. Current lamp types such as fluorescent, mercury,
metal halide,
pulse-start metal halide or high-pressure sodium provide only 305 years
of life expectancy. Because Appleton’s latest innovation delivers more than
4 times that
service life it helps users achieve greater productivity,improved safety
and reduced maintenance expense.

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Special-Lite Doors First To Earn GreenGuard Certification

The GreenGuard Environmental Institute (GEI) has awarded GreenGuard Indoor
Air Quality Certification to the entrance system products of Special-Lite,
Inc. Special-Lite
doors and frames are the first commercial door and frame products to meet the
GreenGuard Standards for Low Emitting Products. The GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality
Certified Special-Lite doors and framing were tested to GEI’s rigorous testing
procedures, and will continue to be monitored for their emissions performance.

"We are proud to have earned GreenGuard Certification for our door products,
said Dan Depta, Special-Lite Manager of Marketing. "Exterior doors, though
they may not immediately come to mind when considering indoor air quality,
nonetheless play a role in the quality of indoor air, since one side of every
exterior door
is inside the building. The corrosion resistance and durability of our doors
with FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) skins also make them ideal in pool
areas, locker rooms, showers, and boiler rooms, which are clearly interior
locations. The lifetime finishes on these doors also eliminate the need for
painting and
repainting, which eliminates the particulates and VOC emissions, and of course
the maintenance costs, associated with the periodic sanding and repainting
required with wood or hollow metal doors."

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