Ametek Receives FM Certification

Ametek Power Instruments – a recognized leader in process control room instruments
has received FM Certification for its Series 90A annunciator that was initially
introduced in 2004. The highly versatile annunciator can now be used in hazardous
locations with new features not currently available to these users. The 90A provides
reliable worry-free operation, making it the perfect choice for the petroleum,
petrochemical and other process industries.

The Series 90A performs many new functions, consolidating the amount of control
room equipment previously required. In addition to standard visual alarm
display functions, the 90A timestamps alarms to determine the sequence of events,
the order in which alarms occur to establish the cause of a failure.

The 90A also reduces installation costs by connecting alarms to other equipment
with the Modbus and DNP communications using either serial or Ethernet
interfaces. Adding to its versatility, the 90A is easily configured through
a software
tool that places access to all features and functions a mouse click away.
The system
is completely upgradeable, and system capacity can be expanded if needed.
The 90A is easily configured through a software tool.

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Innovative Solutions For Data Collectors

Otter Products, LLC., announces an innovative solution for data collectors, the
OtterBox Armor 1900, a waterproof, interactive PDA case with the Data-Max from
Crain, a mounting system that holds data collecting devices in place.

The OtterBox Armor 1900, protective PDA case, allows users to ruggedize standard
PDA devices for thousands less than a rugged unit. This virtually indestructible
case enables user interaction with the PDA even while it’s enclosed. Now
users can enter data in the rain.

Combined with Crain’s DataMax, the OtterBox Armor 1900 easily clips into
the custom designed cradle. The Data-Max allows users to adjust their data
twenty-six ways for easy PDA access and viewing.

dditionally, the unique
design allows right and left hand users to utilize the Data-Max by simply
the cradle position.

The OtterBox Armor 1900 utilized with the Data-Max, provides a much-needed,
durable solution for busy work environments.

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Concrete Repair For Wastewater Storage Tanks

Concrete wastewater tanks originally constructed in 1939 had not received
any repair for almost 20 years. Located outdoors, wastewater solution, weather
corrosion were taking their toll on the tanks. It was time to repair corroding
and spalled areas as well as exposed rebar. Controlling corrosive attack to
extend the service life of older concrete structures 10 to 15 years is now
a viable
option with the Cortec® MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) Repair System.

The concrete wastewater tanks were first sandblasted and then pressure washed
to remove all loose material. Exposed rebar was coated with patent pending
MCI® 2023.
this passivating repair grout gives extra corrosion protection to reinforcing
steel for long term resistance. Spalled areas were repaired with MCI® 2038,
a two component, fiber-reinforced finish repair mortar. The entire surface of
the tanks were treated with MCI® 2020, NSF Standard 61 approved for potable
water applications.

A one-coat surface treatment, MCI 2020 is easily sprayed, brushed or rolled
on. The MCI® migrates through dense concrete structures which is demonstrated
with SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy).
For field testing, the migratory depth of the MCI® is measured with a low
cost, QAC test kit. It shows that the MCI® migrates up to 4 inches in 28
days. The MCI® Repair System protects both anodic and cathodic areas to
reduce corrosion of steel reinforcing bars, wire, and mesh independent of chloride
levels. Both cracked beam and ASTM G109 testing show that MCI 2020 surface
treatment can reduce corrosion rates as much as 80%. As a final step, the tanks
two coats of epoxy.

For more information visit their website at or phone 1-800-426-7832.