Electrical Work Permit Video Complies With NFPA 70E

New changes in the 2004 edition NFPA 70E in regards to working with energized electrical equipment affects both qualified and unqualified persons in the workplace. Summit’s newest video presents these changes to employees so they can work safely and efficiently. Summit’s new Energized Electrical Work Permit training video comprehensively explains to qualified workers what an […]

Benzene Safety Added To Training Library

Summit’s comprehensive Benzene Safety training program is now available in the Peak Training interactive CD-ROM format. Increase awareness of hazards and teach best safety practices by training with this exciting program. With over five interactions in four lessons, Summit’s latest CD-ROM release engages workers in the training. A quiz is included at the end of […]

Link Tools Offers Complete Color Catalogue

Link Tools, the only hand tools with international certification for significantly greater speed than ordinary hand tools, has just introduced a free 20 page, four color catalogue. Link Tools hand tools are also certified for safety, ergonomics and durability. For the first time in print form, Link Tools are displayed in their entirety from the […]

Solve Tangling and Storage Problems

Disorganized, tangled and unruly extension cords and hose’s can cause frustration and waste time. A unique, sample and inexpensive solution to cord and hose organization is being manufactured and sold by Burk Tek, Inc. The product is called Cordpro‚. (It also has beefier cousin called, Cordpro XL‚.) Cordpro is a flexible, yellow, doughnut-shaped reel that […]

MGE UPS Introduces Flexible Plug and Play

Telecommunications and industrial operations, has introduced the new Pulsar family of power distribution units (PDUs) that offer flexible mounting options, numerous input plug/output receptacle choices and configurations that include a convenient maintenance bypass switch. Designed for MGE’s popular Pulsar line of uninterruptible power systems bypass switch. Designed for MGE’s popular Pulsar line of uninterruptible power […]