Facility Management Is Among Company’s Largest Expenditures

From replacing a light bulb to overseeing huge construction contracts, a facility
professional’s every action and decision has financial consequences. In
fact, facility-related costs represent the second- or third-largest expenditure
in most major organizations. But overwhelmingly, even veteran facility managers
don’t have the business or financial training to optimize the value of
the considerable assets under their control.

The Facility Manager’s Guide To Finance & Budgeting gives facility
professionals the tools they need to make sound purchasing and investing decisions,
present strategic alternatives to senior management, win funds for crucial projects,
and become fully integrated into the organization. Authors David Cotts and Edmond
Rondeau have written a thorough primer filled with real-world financial knowledge
specifically tailored for use in a facility management context. The book explains
how to:

? Understand the essential concepts of facility work programs and programmatic
planning and budgeting;
? Develop and manage an annual expense budget, then evaluate the results
? Make financially sound “to/no go” decisions on projects requiring
capital funding;
? Pinpoint significant cost-savings and cost-containment areas;
? Use unit-cost indicators to benchmark facility management initiatives;
? Create an information system and database that ties directly into the

The Facility Manager’s Guide To Finance and Budgeting is organized according
to different organizational functions, but it shows the reader how to integrate
financial and business practices across disciplines for maximum productivity
and cost efficiency. Filled with sample capital budget plans, workplans, reports
to management, strategic facility plans, project management reports, and much
more, it’s a vital resource for 21st century facility managers in any organization
or work sector.

For review copies call 212-903-8085 or fax 212-903-8083. To purchase copies
call 1-800-714-6395. Visit Amacom online at www.amacombooks.org.

Steel Square Weldable Cam Action Indexing Plungers

J.W. Winco, Inc., now offers steel square weldable cam action indexing plungers.

Best utilized when the pin needs to be retracted, the cam action indexing plungers
feature a groove so the lever can be held in both positions. The optional plastic
ribbed sleeve, with a heat tolerance of 110ºC, offers an aesthetically
pleasing and comfortable finger grip. The body is steel with a black oxide finish
while the plunger pin is steel, ground, and nitrided.

For more information, call 800-877-8351.

New Pump Line Gives Metropolitan a Boost

Metropolitan Industries, Inc. is the newest representative of the residential
and commercial pump line manufactured by Grundfos of Denmark for the state of

With an annual production of 10 million pump units, Grundfos is one of the
world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps, submersible pumps
and centrifugal pumps are the three major product groups in their line. Today,
Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulator pumps, covering
approximately 50% of the world market.

Circulator pumps are used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in
domestic houses, office buildings, hotels, etc. A common use of a circulator
pump involves its installation on hot water lines. The result is instant hot
water every time you turn on the faucet in your home.

With the addition of Grundfos to Metropolitan’s product line, they now
have additional 10-12 new products for use in the residential and commercial
markets. According to Brickey, the acquisition has salesmen excited because
of the good reputation Grundfos carries.

For more information about Metropolitan Industries, log onto their website
at www.metropolitanind.com.