Presidents Message for April, 2001

At one of our upcoming Educational meetings, The Chief Engineers Association
of Chicagoland will conduct an in-depth demonstration of our Website which is
located at I ask that all of you who are able to, please
attend. This meeting will clearly show to our membership why we believe our
site to be the most informative, exciting site available to Chief Engineers
that you will find.

This organization has invested a vast amount of time and resources to bring
this tool to our membership, we want to see the membership use it to its fullest
extent. One of the many fantastic features contained in this site is “Ask A
Chief” where you are able to electronically post a question that all of your
peers can view and provide their comments and suggestions.

There is not enough room available in this column to truly do this remarkable
website the proper justice. Notification will be sent out well in advance, and
I hope to see many of our members there.

Our annual picnic will be held on Saturday June 23, 2001. Once again we will
be raffling off the winners choice of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, or ten thousand
dollars. A limited number of tickets will be sold, so the odds are very good
that you walk away a winner. Once again our Picnic Chairperson will be Roland
Steele, who did a superb job last year. If you would like to assist Ron with
your time, donations or prizes, feel free to contact him. I am sure he will
welcome the assistance.

The Chief Engineers Annual Golf outing will be held on Friday, August 24,
2001 at Saint Andrews Golf Course. This is without a doubt our most popular
event. The Golf Committee Chairperson this year will again be Angelo Saccameno,
who was complimented by all that attended at how efficient and well run the
event was. Angelo would also appreciate any assistance of time, and donations
of prizes. This event sells out very quickly. I believe last year the event
was sold out six weeks in advance, so do not wait. Contact Angelo for your foursomes
and hole sponsorships.

The Chiefs conduct a Vendor Fair approximately every year and a half. This
year the Vendor Fair will be held on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 at the White
Eagle restaurant in Niles. Vendor Fair Chairperson Frank Tverdek will once again
take the leadership of this event. This is also a very popular affair with our
membership and the booths sell out very quickly. The Vendor Fair is an opportunity
for some of our Associate Members that are unable to sponsor an Educational
meeting to be able to present their business and services to the membership.
If anyone would care to assist Frank with this event, I am sure he would be
able to use your help.

The publication you hold in your hands is made possible through the continued
advertisement of our Associate Members. I would ask that you return their support
and loyalty. When looking for parts, goods or services, turn to the back page
of this magazine where all of this issues advertisers are listed. It is through
mutual support and loyalty that this organization remains successful.

Your thoughts and suggestions are important to me and I do enjoy hearing from
our membership. If you wish to contact me my preferred method is via email at
[email protected]. If this is not convenient
for you then please forward all communications to the CEAC office.


Daniel Hickey
President, CEAC