Now You Can Make The Chief Engineer Your Internet Start Page!

You can now make the Chief Engineer your browser start page!

By doing so, when you start your Web Browser, the Chief Engineer Homepage will
automatically appear, giving you immediate access to all the information and
resources you need as a Real Estate Professional!

To make the Chief Engineer your browser start page, just click on the “Make
This Your Start Page” link, found on the Chief Engineer Homepage, under
the weather news banner on the right side.

In the window that appears, choose AOL if you use America On-line to access
the Internet. If you use another ISP, then click on the browser that you use,
either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

That’s it! from there we will either do the rest automatically, or provide
you with easy to use, step-by-step instructions.

Be assured your in the know and have fast access to parts and supply resources
recommended by the Chiefs! Make the CEA your Internet start page today!