Hey! That Little Doohickey On The Left Is For More Than You Might Think


Email responses to the CEA indicate that some visitors don’t understand the
subscription button on the CEA homepage, or how to use it.

By entering your email address and clicking on the subscribe button, you will
receive free notification via email when this site is updated, or when news
that is relevant is posted on the web page.

At no time does the CEA sell your email address to anyone else. It is used
solely by CEA to notify it’s members and website visitors of relevant changes
to the site, or of news that CEA feels would be welcomed by you.

To assure you of this, we included an unsubscribe feature so that at anytime
you don’t like what is being sent to you by CEA, you can come to the site, re-enter
your email address, highlight the “unsubscribe” button and click again.

It’s easy, safe and will keep you informed up to the minute. So try it out
and let us know what you think.