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This Month’s Issue

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This Month's Article List

Charles City Bridge, River Closed After Partial Collapse

Cincinnati Managed Flood Disaster Relief Efforts With Flowfinity Workflow Apps

Drought Planning: Water Shortages Expected in New Mexico

In Hot Water (Lack of) Hot Water: Digital Mixing to the Rescue

Fire Hits Dubai High-Rise Complex Near World’s Tallest Tower

New Marshaltown Natural-Gas Fired Plant to Go Online

President's Message May 2017

EPA Head Tells Coal Miners ‘Regulatory Assault Is Over’

Taco Comfort Solutions Introduces the LeakBreaker™ Water Heater Shut-Off

Pasternack Releases New Line of IQ Mixers

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Phone Aims to Dispel the Note 7 Debacle

New Chilled Beam Control System Recognized as HVAC Product of Year

Minnesota House Wants Oil Pipeline to Skirt Regulator

EPA Head Tells Coal Miners ‘Regulatory Assault Is Over’

Harper College Hires Mortenson to Help Build Community Ties with $38 Million Wellness Center

Montana Construction Equipment Businesses Expand Globally

Uranium Leaves Legacy of Contamination for Navajo Nation

Lithium: Mineral Found in Nevada Could Power Our Future

Able Engineering Joins Green Sports Alliance

ICC and NOWRA to Co-Publish International Private Sewage Disposal Code

In Brief

Corrosion Resistant Plastic Cooling Towers Cut Costs for Sintering Operations

Iowa Motorcycle Shop Repairs Motorcycles From Various States

Homeowner at San Francisco Sinking High-Rise Sue Developer

Windows Update Will Bring 3-D, Game Tools and Doodling

Managers Made Errors in Handling of Dam Crisis

Energy Company Seeks Possible Michigan Natural Gas Plant