President’s Message August 2012


We have had some pretty intense weather so far this summer. These extreme temperatures are unusual for Chicago, but I trust you were prepared and your cooling systems made it through without a problem. Since your air conditioners have been running constantly, now is a good time to make sure they are running efficiently. There are many Associate members that can help you in this category. It is extremely important that we do our part to promote sustainability and implement this into our facilities. Utilizing efficient practices and equipment is not only good for the environment, but it could save you money in the long run.

It is hard to believe with these 100 degree temperatures that we are nearing Fall and Winter. I trust that in addition to monitoring your cooling systems, you have also given some thought as to planning for the upcoming seasons. This mild weather provides an opportunity to repair or perform maintenance work to your heating systems.

The month of August also triggers the pre-planning period for both parents and children in anticipation of the upcoming academic year. For those 2012 high school graduates, please do not forget to submit your CEAC scholarship packet. Given our current economic times, any financial supplement can only help to reduce the burden experienced in covering the cost of an education.

Our next gathering will be the 72nd Annual Golf Outing at St Andrew’s Golf Course. The courses sold out in record time this year and we are expecting a great turnout. There are still a few sponsorships available so if there are any Associate members or vendors interested please have them contact Alex in the office at 708.293.1720. I would also like to remind everyone that even though the foursomes are sold out, you are welcome and encouraged to come join us for dinner. This is a fun event and I am looking forward to seeing everyone after our summer break.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you in September for the golf outing.

Joseph Weber Jr. 

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