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Chief Engineer Bob Jones (right) and Assistant Chief Engineer David Ramirez (left).

The City Colleges of Chicago have entered into an agreement using Constellation Energy to allow for interruptions in energy service during peak hours that has, over the past six years, lowered energy cost by about a third. At the same time, through smart scheduling of classes and faculty work, students and faculty don’t seem to notice any change in the delivery of air-conditioning in the sixteen-year-old facility.

Manuel J. Medina, the Interim Dean at Arturo Velasquez Institute, explained to us that the beautiful facility serves the diverse needs of Chicago’s residents. Free courses are offered to people seeking to earn their GED (high school equivalency) certificate or to learn to speak English and obtain U.S. Citizenship. Additional certification courses are offered in both English and Spanish that provide real employment opportunities such as healthcare massage therapy and even cake decorating.

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