Give Me Shelter: Weather Violence Increasing Demand for Safe Rooms


This photo of the Gazeebo shows how much interior space there is in a SafeDome.

Mrs. Burton of West Palm Beach, Florida can attest to the safety and value of her SafeDome. It was only months before the October 2005 touchdown of Hurricane Wilma that Mrs. Burton purchased her dome from DRD Enterprises in Davie, Florida. She and her son found it to be a safe haven for eight hours. Mrs. Burton proclaimed that, “if it hadn’t been for the sound of metal flying, I would not have known there was a hurricane outside”. There are now five more in her mobile home community. NASA Earth Data has recorded Hurricane Wilma as being the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin.

Currently DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie has safe-rooms available in Missouri and Illinois and will begin construction of SafeRooms in Evansville, Illinois in the near future. Pressler, who retired in 2004 after 28 years as a Miami-Dade Firefighter, is continually searching for more ways to contribute to society and lately has been working with alternative energy companies to create a portable alternative power plant out of a SafeDome.

A Tornado Warning is an alert that tells you that one has been sighted. The most important thing to do is find shelter in the lowest possible place available. If a basement is not available, go to the innermost room and stay clear of windows and heavy objects. A bathroom is usually a good location. Kneel on the floor and cover your head with your hands. If you are out in the open do not try to outrun the storm. Again, try to find the lowest spot such as a ravine or ditch and crouch down with your arms folded over your head.

Further information on the Museum of Science and Industry may be obtained by going to the website at

FEMA provides plans for a safe-room on it’s website,

Additional information on SafeDomes may be found on

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