AOS: Revitalizing Chicago’s South Side


Joe Shotwell, Operations Manager, and Al Meitl, P.E. of Ashphalt Operating Services of Chicago, LLC.

More viscous than Bunker C, bitumen generally resides in a solid state unless heated. When cool, it acts like a cement in the way it binds aggregate and other material together. That’s actually what makes it such a good product for use on roads and highways. If you heat asphalt into a liquid state and then blend it with sand, gravel, rocks, paper or just about any other fine material, when it cools it hardens into a strong surface material that can withstand weather and abrasion pretty well. Technically, the correct term for petroleum asphalt is “asphalt cement”. Like concrete cement that acts as the binding agent for gravel in cement products, asphalt cement is simply the binding agent for the materials added into it that make up what we refer to as asphalt.

This was just a little of what I learned recently when I was taken on a tour of the new asphalt cement terminal facility owned and operated by Asphalt Operating Services, LLC (AOS) on Chicago’s Southeast side. Located at 2835 East 106th Street on land that once housed part of a Wisconsin Steel mill, the AOS facility was a welcome new facility to an area that lay dormant for years. Bringing hundreds of construction jobs and 24 permanent positions to the area, the 9 thousand square foot building housing the terminal headquarters was constructed to meet LEED’s certification.

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