Driverless Car Navigates Berlin Streets

By Kirsten Grieshaber

In this Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 research assistant Miao Wang, left, and project manager Tinosh Ganjineh, right, of the Autonomos Labs are pictured inside a car in Berlin, Germany. The car is driven by a computer that steers, starts and stops itself. A 360 degrees laser scanner on top of the car, a GPS system and other sensors monitor the surrounding traffic. A driver sits for security reasons only behind the steering wheel. The Autonomos team is part of the Artificial Intelligence Group of the Free University Berlin. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

BERLIN (AP) – It can talk, see, drive and no longer needs a human being to control it by remote. The car of the future – completely computer-controlled – is on the streets of Berlin.

All summer, researchers from the city’s Free University have been testing the automobile around the German capital.

The vehicle maneuvers through traffic on its own using a sophisticated combination of devices, including a computer, electronics and a precision satellite navigation system in the trunk, a camera in the front, and laser scanners on the roof and around the front and rear bumpers.

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