Hyatt Regency Chicago Reduces Water & Energy Demands


The new booster system is controlled with Metropolitan’s patented variable speed controller known as the Metro-Tech II. The Metro-Tech II integrates all pump operation and displays information on its color user interface.

“This was a once in a generation opportunity to fix a problem once and for all that plagued the property for 36 years,” said Sartain.


So while work was being done on the west tower the plan for the east tower was formulated. The day the west tower was completed, work seamlessly began on the east tower. Working together with Metropolitan Industries of Romeoville who served as the equipment supplier; Tom Feilen, senior director of engineering for Hyatt Regency Chicago; Electrical Contractor Steve Wierema of Continental Electric; and Scott Stalcup of Babco Construction, Sartain and his team, which included Eric Evans, project manager, Terry Davis, project superintendent, implemented the plan.

Domestic Water Pump System
While the express risers were being installed through access hatches located on various floors of the building, the domestic water pump system was addressed.

The new triplex booster system, variable speed control system and the pressure reducing zone valves were all supplied by Metropolitan Industries and replaced the 36-year-old original constant speed system that had been field modified with Variable frequency drives but used out-dated technology.

The new variable-speed, triplex domestic water booster system consisted of three 50-HP vertical multi-staged pumps, each rated 300 gallons a minute (GPM) at 428’ of total dynamic head and a system pressure of 200 PSI with a total system capacity of 900 GPM. The new booster system uses 1/3 less power than the constant speed system saving the building owners money on energy costs while reducing maintenance costs. Two 119-gallon bladder tanks were installed as well in the top floor mechanical room for low flow shut-down and stabilization of building pressure.

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