Intel Briefing – October 2011


Man receives chemical burns at haz-mat safety lab.
One man was transported to a hospital September 12 after receiving chemical burns at a Gaithersburg, Maryland, lab facility, fire and rescue officials said. A spokeswoman for county fire and rescue service said rescue workers were called to the scene in the 8500 block of Atlas Drive at 1:21 p.m. for a possible chemical burn. The lab is owned by Geomet Technologies, which is based in Germantown and specializes in making haz-mat suits and ensuring chemical safety, according to its Web site. The county fire spokeswoman said the victim was burned by a flash fire and was in stable condition when he was transported to Medstar for treatment.


Tropical Storm Lee exposes old oil from BP spill.
BP PLC will send cleanup crews to Fourchon Beach, Louisiana, because erosion from Tropical Storm Lee unearthed miles of tar balls, tar mats and abandoned cleanup equipment left from last year’s oil spill. Six task forces – 90 workers and 17 technicians – will work a 7-day-a-week schedule to clean up the beach, a BP spokesman said. In addition to the old oil, the erosion uncovered PVC pipes used to secure boom and snares used to absorb oil. About 8 miles of the beach are affected, he said. The degraded oil is not as toxic as fresh oil, but still has some toxicity, a spokesman said. And buried oil does not degrade as fast as oil that is exposed to oxygen and sunlight, so it may retain more of its toxic components for a longer time.

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