Ten Years Later — What Have We Learned?


Progress at Ground Zero. Photo by: Geoff Livingston

While many needed changes have been made to protect the occupants inside commercial buildings, the one thing that has not changed is the determination of America’s enemies to strike another blow against the United States and her citizens. Another attack can and will be undertaken in the future. To a great extent, what we have learned and the changes we have made since 9/11 can and will save lives — so long as we put such changes in place and remain consistently vigilant.

Nearly three thousand Americans died in the attacks carried out ten years ago. In the days following many Americans swore to never forget those who perished. To fulfill such an oath means that we must never become complacent and never let down our guard. Perhaps that best thing that Chief Engineers can do to commemorate the fallen on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is to reevaluate their building security procedures and make certain that all staff members are fully informed of what procedures to follow in event of an emergency.

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