New Training Video – Lead Safety: Uncovering The Dangers

As of April 2010, the EPA now requires all firms that come in contact with lead-based paint during renovation and repair of buildings built before 1978 to follow specific procedures for containing the work area, minimizing dust, and proper clean up to prevent lead contamination. Summit’s comprehensive new training program teaches construction and renovation workers important safety precautions to take while working around lead hazards, such as the appropriate PPE to wear and how to zone off the work area to keep toxic dust to a minimum.

Lead is an immensely dangerous material because of the fact that it is not easily noticed without the proper training. It not only affects workers in the industry, but if an untrained employee does not follow the proper procedures, it leaves the families of the homes and schools at risk as well. It is estimated that increased blood lead levels create health problems for 3.5 million Americans.

Summit’s Lead Safety: Uncovering the Dangers DVD/video covers:

• Why Lead is a Problem

• How to Prepare for Renovation

• Safe Work Practices

• Clean Up and Disposal

Work involving lead should only be done by fully trained professionals that understand the correct procedures to go about handling and removing the toxic material. With the Lead Safety: Uncovering the Dangers program, workers can increase awareness and learn the importance of protecting themselves and the others around them.

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