Lochinvar Introduces High-Efficiency Residential Boiler

Lochinvar® Corp. is expanding its product line with the Solution™ high-efficiency
residential heating boiler. From its two-stage firing control system to its
built-in pumped by-pass and combustible floor shield, the Solution is unmatched
in features
and benefits. Plus, it is remarkably compact, lightweight, adaptable, and easy
to install.

The heart of the Solution boiler is its gasketless copper finned-tube heat
exchanger, which provides for fast, high-efficiency heat transfer. Another
advantage is
the low mass design, which means water heats faster inside the boiler. Plus,
the Solution requires no gaskets, reducing the risk of leaks or system failure.
Add cast-iron headers for long-lasting durability, and the Solution achieves
exceptionally low energy consumption and operating costs – with a rating
of 84% AFUE.

New features include a low-profile, built-in draft hood and top-mounted water
connections for simple installation and service. The new two-stage firing
control system provides dramatic fuel savings by allowing a Solution boiler
to reduce
its firing rate when full boiler output is not required to satisfy heating
needs. The new Intermittent Ignition Device also reduces fuel costs by
eliminating the
need for a continuously burning pilot light.

For more information contact Lochinvar Corp. at 615-889-8900 or visit the
website at www.Lochinvar.com.

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