President’s Message


Thanks to all who attended the January meeting at Stout Barrel House. Unfortunately we did not have any sponsors for the evening, so an opportunity for someone to brand the meeting was lost. I hope our Associates see the value in this particular type of investment and choose to support future meetings as they are able. It is a great way to get your name out in front of the membership. In that light, I would like to mention that we will be hosting the Vendor Fair in April of this year, and there will be booths for sale and an opportunity to see many if not all of our fellow Associates and more than half of our membership in one place. We will be back at Gaelic Park, and it promises to be a fun and informative evening for all.

This month we will be having our Skatefest at Evergreen Park municipal rink again with special thanks to member Pete Mixon for safeguarding this location for now and years past. We are lucky to have members looking out for opportunities for the organization and are always interested in any ideas our members have about future event locations, so please alert us when you think of a possible place. We are in constant search mode for members who are in bands for entertainment at our events, so if you have a member in mind who might fit the bill please let us know.

The weather has been so mild recently that construction projects in the Loop never slowed down and most are ahead of schedule. This bodes well for our city coming into spring with less pressure on the men and women who work these sites. They ultimately get pushed the hardest to make up lost time on these projects, and this year we caught a break. There are many tower cranes up and running presently and I don’t remember a time when we had more.  Development in the near Loop market is at an all-time high, and new jobs are opening in these buildings as a result. We can hope it means more jobs and opportunity to grow our base membership.

We will be meeting for our annual retreat this month and we will use the time to review our initiatives that push our group forward. We also use this meeting as a chance to recalibrate our team and see how we can better serve the membership. I hope that everyone reading this knows they have a voice in our process and should feel free to approach any board member with concerns or ideas on how we can do better.

I hope all of you remember your sweethearts this month for Valentines Day, and I loo forward to seeing you on the rink.


Dennis Nolan

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