Levee Repairs Could Offset Flood Insurance Costs

By Howard Greninger

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) – West Terre Haute residents have seen their share of flooding over the years. They know all too well the “cut-arounds” when the swollen waters of Sugar Creek flood the main roads. And there’s a reason why the land between the Wabash River and town’s eastern edge is now Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area.

A levee surrounding West Terre Haute helps protect people and property from some of the flooding, but repairs are needed for the levee to meet federal standards.

The West Vigo Levee Association maintains the 2.5-mile levee, which was constructed in 1977 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Repairs would allow the Federal Emergency Management Agency to certify the levee as federally accredited.

That accreditation is vital to residents, giving them the option on whether or not to buy flood insurance on their homes – those with a federally assisted mortgage – and reducing their cost, the Tribune-Star reported.

“Without this accreditation, the town could be designated as a high flood-risk zone, which would result in required flood insurance on property located within that zone,” Roger Montgomery, president of the West Vigo Levee Association, wrote in a letter to the Vigo County Board of Commissioners last

The levee protects about 1,188 parcels of property in West Terre Haute from flooding associated with Sugar Creek, which runs along the southwest section of the community, and the Wabash River, which lies east of the town.

The levee association is seeking an intergovermental loan of $200,000 to pay for construction improvements, testing and inspections. Commissioners OK’d the request, which now goes before the Vigo County Council, the funding arm of county government responsible for appropriating money.

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