TVS4000F – Another Opportunity

It’s already well-known that the Armstrong Trap Valve Station simplifies complex steam installations. Now, the Armstrong TVS4000F offers another leg up. Check out these features:

  • Integral cast flanges for reduced leak points
  • Less expensive than the TVS4000 with welded flanges
  • Faster installations with no need to weld in line or add unions on threaded units
  • Reduced design time. Permits combining products with exact face-to-face dimensions

The TVS-4000F and TVS-4000 have the following features as well:

  • Test valve and strainer blow down valve
  • Three year guarantee
  • Easy, in-line repairs that provide maximum safety protection – point of service isolation with upstream and downstream depressurization
  • Adaptable with multiple trap types and manufacturers with 2-bolt connectors

For more information contact Affiliated Steam & Hot Water at (800) 424-5392.

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