New Technology Solves Age-Old Problems at Fort Sill


Technician Rob Myers opens the outlet connection to one of 12 tanks installed at Fort Sill Army Base.

Hard water has plagued maintenance crews at Ft. Sill since the addition of indoor plumbing, and the problem remains today. Unfortunately, southern Oklahoma has some of the most challenging water quality nationwide. With all new mechanical and plumbing systems being installed during renovations, the Army Corps of Engineers has moved to eliminate domestic water scale problems before they begin.

Impressive demand
With 500 troops mobilizing together, high-quantity water use is inevitable. And at Fort Sill, dealing with persistent scale is a costly problem to solve compounded by the inevitable spikes in water use.

At the start of each new day, soldiers have a set routine. Wake up (still a cheerfully, piped-in, high-decibel Reveille at “O-dark-hundred”) leads to a quick shuffle to the showers where a combined 632 GPM surge through the spacious gang showers.

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