Siemon’s New MAX® TurboTool™ Significantly Reduces Category 5e and Category 6 Termination Times

WATERTOWN, Conn. – Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce its new MAX® TurboTool™ developed specifically for contractors and cabling professionals to significantly reduce termination time for Siemon category 5e and 6 UTP MAX outlets. Unlike traditional single conductor punchdown tools, the MAX TurboTool simultaneously seats and cuts all eight cable conductors allowing a four-pair MAX UTP outlet to be terminated in a single action for increased productivity and reduced hand fatigue.

For use with flat, angled and keystone MAX outlets, the highly durable MAX TurboTool is designed to facilitate proper outlet insertion and provide a stable platform for the termination process. This non-impact process minimizes risk of damage and injury common to traditional punch-down terminations. The tool’s innovative retention clip secures the outlet to ensure proper alignment and seating prior to termination, while its rear cable channel provides cable access to support the full range of category 5e and 6 UTP cable sizes. The MAX TurboTool’s definitive ratcheting action reduces hand force while providing positive audible and tactile feedback to indicate that the termination process is complete.

“From the start, the development of the MAX TurboTool focused on the needs of contractors. Specifically, we wanted to deliver a tool to help them terminate our MAX outlets faster and more easily, and do it with a familiar, and reliable platform,” says Dave Valentukonis, Cabling Support Systems Business Unit Manager for Siemon. To meet that goal, the MAX TurboTool shares the same proven ratcheting platform as Siemon’s renowned PT-908 crimp tool that has reliably performed in the market for nearly 20 years.

“The MAX TurboTool brings a whole new dimension to our twisted-pair termination options,” explained Valentukonis. The MAX TurboTool increases the termination speed for category 5e and 6 UTP MAX outlets to the record setting levels set by Siemon’s Z-MAX Category 6A UTP and shielded outlets, allowing contractors to maximize their labor efficiency and profitability across the full range of Siemon’s category 5e through 6A cabling systems.

The Siemon MAX TurboTool features a highly-visible thermoplastic handle and is constructed of 13-guage cold rolled steel for optimum reliable operation with daily use. The replaceable termination cartridge allows for easy replacement of the wearable portion of the tool rather than requiring contractors to purchase a new tool. The new MAX TurboTool is also a perfect accompaniment to Siemon’s MAX 5e and 6 Value Pack option that offers contractors a competitively-priced, solution with 250 outlets and reduced packaging materials for larger jobs.

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