Unique Portable Paint Caddy That Saves Time & Prevents Spills

The ingenious new Paint Handy was developed by Ben Mayberry, a Tulsa Oklahoma based inventor with years of experience in auto restoration and commercial painting. He started toying with the idea in 2004 and spent seven years improving it. The product is being debuted on QVC in September 2013.

This Frisbee-shaped paint caddy is made of a durable plastic base with an adjustable nylon strap that holds a unique no-drip liner that allows paint to soak into a brush or a foam applicator for use, but prevents paint from spilling even if it is turned sideways or upside down.

You slip your hand into the strap and pour your paint into it. Then you blend the paint into the surface of the paint handy liner. Then, a quick tap of your brush or move of your roller, you get a consistent paint load without excess. You can even place several dabs of paint of different colors in the liner and the paint won’t run together.

The strap allows you to spin the paint-filled tool around on your hand so you can climb a ladder safely. The paint won’t spill no matter what position you use it in.

You don’t even need to pour out excess at day’s end. You just slip Paint Handy into a 2.5 gallon-size plastic bag and seal the bag. Next day, just pull it out of the bag and start painting.

Cleanup is easy. The special material not only holds paint in place for no drips, it also makes for easy clean up. The left over paint can be squeegeed into your paint can. The liner washes out with cold water and is available for reuse.

Paint Handy prevents spills and drips and reduces costs needed for job preparations time, materials and costs. This remarkable tool helps save money on tape, plastic, drop cloths, painting and cleaning supplies, and cleanup. It eliminates the need for more wobbly paint pans and awkward paint buckets.

Paint Handy takes the stress, cost and mess out of painting. It is a remarkable accessory that saves time for paint jobs large and small, for painting projects at home or in the garage, or for professional paint jobs in the workplace.

The Paint Handy Kit retails for $37.99 comes with a squeegee, a 2 inch foam brush, 3 inch paint roller and 2 inch paint brush. Replacement parts are available separately online.

For more information visit www.PaintHandy.com

See Paint Handy in action. Here are several videos showing inventor Ben Mayberry explaining how Paint Handy works:

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