Little Is Rebuilt At NYC Beach Burned During Sandy


“We have been working closely with the co-op board on getting things expedited,” Spencer said. “It’s one big area that has to be handled as a massive redevelopment.”

The home that’s under construction is owned by Sue Flynn, a mother of two who has summered in Breezy with her family since she was a baby. The Flynn family was luckier than others, she said, because they rebuilt their home in 2010 and already had the required permits and building plans.

But it’s lonely being the only house on the block.

“It won’t be the same until our neighbors are back,” Flynn said. “And I know they’ll come back. It’s a strong group.”

It’s been a quiet summer in Breezy, where children roam the streets barefoot and everybody knows their neighbors by name. The Fourth of July fireworks display was canceled. The beach is still manned by lifeguards, but there aren’t many people in the water this year.

Residents are hopeful that progress will come soon. The Flynns’ home is expected to be completed this fall.

“I was a little wary about being the first to build. But once I got the positive feedback from the community, I was really happy about it,” Flynn said. “Because I’m very happy to be in a position to show that we can make progress and growth.”

In the coming weeks, Burke plans to submit building plans to the government for his new home. He’d love to be back for Christmas but realizes that’s unlikely.

No matter how long it takes, he’s determined to make it home.

“For a neighborhood that’s going through all of this turmoil,” he said, “people are fighting to come back.”

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