VRTX Announces V-SURE: Wireless Remote Monitoring for Chemical-Free, Mechanical Cooling Water Treatment Solutions

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – VRTX Technologies, a global technology leader in controlled hydrodynamic cavitation, today announced V-SURE™ – a new, wireless remote monitoring system for VRTX cooling water treatment solutions. The web-based V-SURE remote monitoring system automatically and instantly provides operational feedback and alerts when parameters change or service may be required. Building operations and refrigeration managers can now rest assured that their water treatment systems are being continually monitored and operating at peak performance.

For more than 15 years, VRTX’s patented mechanical cooling water treatment systems have been harnessing the power of controlled hydrodynamic cavitation combined with filtration to control scale, corrosion and bacteria across a broad spectrum of water quality levels, all without the need for hazardous chemicals. VRTX systems help companies economically achieve ‘green’ initiatives by significantly improving water conservation and reducing energy usage.

V-SURE takes VRTX’s inherent efficiency model to the next level. V-SURE’s GSM cell phone modem interfaces with a skid-mounted programmable logic controller that automates the system’s operation while continually monitoring performance, based on customizable parameters. V-SURE can communicate with, and monitor, a VRTX system independent of a customer’s network. System data is made available via a secure web portal enabling users to view current and historical system performance anytime and from anywhere. If an alarm condition occurs, V-SURE alerts VRTX personnel who acknowledge the alarm, verify the issue and insure timely resolution. VRTX personnel can trouble shoot and repair many issues remotely, minimizing the need for intervention by a customer’s on-site team.

Communication to and from V-SURE is encrypted. Multiple access levels assure only authorized users can perform monitoring or tasks within the system.

“Cooling water treatment is mission-critical for most of our customers, and today’s building managers are doing more with less, including fewer staff, which stretches their ability to monitor their cooling water treatment,” said Garth Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of VRTX Technologies. “Now, our customers can sleep well knowing that VRTX’s V-SURE remote monitoring and control is always on watch, ensuring that their water treatment system is operating at optimal efficiency.”

“The remote monitoring capability of the VRTX system enables us to monitor the mechanical condenser water treatment system performance in our plants from anywhere in the world,” said Albert Carder, Director of Refrigeration at The Bama Companies, Inc. “If there is a performance issue, Bama and VRTX quickly receive notification so it can be addressed immediately, rather than waiting for a service person to visit our location in Tulsa.”

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