Decreasing Crime Near Miami’s Famous Blue & Green Diamond Condominiums


“There are four security officers on duty at all times as we provide 24/7 security service for the Blue & Green Diamond,” said Rommel Vallecillo, Account Manager, AlliedBarton. “We are also able to arrange for extra security coverage when needed, especially during the boat show, to ensure we are providing the highest level of safety and security possible.”

On top of providing access control at the main entrance, including check-in and badging services, AlliedBarton’s team patrols the pool and marina areas to ensure trespassers don’t enter the Blue & Green Diamond property.

“Not only are the security officers watching the beach access point at the pool, but they are also providing pool patrons with excellent customer service,” said Legne Lima, Blue Diamond Property Manager. “There are a limited number of chairs and umbrellas for use so it is a challenge to keep all of our guests and residents happy, especially during holiday and vacation season. AlliedBarton’s security team has been able to maintain a friendly, stress-free environment at the pool.”

Although they are not deployed as life guards, security officers at the pool area are CPR and First Aid certified. “The team has had to step up during two near-drowning incidents,” said Poviones. “The officers were instrumental in saving the victim’s life. We are grateful that they are always patrolling the pool area.”

To monitor the marina, the security team uses CCTV cameras to identify unauthorized boats or individuals. “If the team cannot identify a boat that is docked at the marina, or if a suspicious person is in the area, we are responsible for notifying the dock master,” said Vallecillo.

“The officers can also physically inspect the area and show their presence at the marina to deter any crime,” said Poviones. “We take security of the marina very seriously and want to try to have a crime-free area.”

Poviones credits AlliedBarton’s presence at the complex as contributing to a decrease in crime in the neighborhood.

“We have seen a complete turnaround in crime statistics for our area and I know AlliedBarton has played a large role in helping keep our area crime-free,” said Poviones. “A large part of the decrease in crime is because of their enforcement of the no trespassing policy on property.”

Additionally, AlliedBarton’s security team has gone above and beyond for the Blue & Green Diamond. Along with access control and front desk check-in services, the team has also assisted during construction projects, is responsible for patrolling the parking garage and each tower – floor by floor – to conduct light, leak and trash checks, and has provided concierge services during Blue & Green Diamond parties.

“The level of service that AlliedBarton provides for the Blue & Green Diamond is unlike any other provider,” said Lima. “If I ever have any issues, they are my go-to, especially in emergency situations. I know I can count on them, which means our residents and their guests can too.”

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