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First Flight Of Airbus A350 Reopens Wide-Body Race

By Lori Hinnant

The Airbus A350 takes off on its maiden flight at Blagnac airport near Toulouse, southwestern France, Friday, June 14, 2013. The Airbus A350 has taken off on its maiden flight, setting the stage for intensifying competition with U.S. rival Boeing in the long-haul wide-body aircraft market. (AP Photo/Bob Edme)

PARIS (AP) – Airbus sent a new wide-body plane into the skies that sets the stage for intensifying competition with U.S. rival Boeing – with consequences for jobs, airlines’ investments and the reputations of the powerful plane makers.

After years of delays and a revamp that cost billions, the A350 cruised for four hours in partly cloudy skies above Toulouse in southern France.

Most importantly, it then landed safely.

It met ear-to-ear smiles – and some sighs of relief – among the Airbus engineers and executives who helped the plane reach its maiden journey.

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