Associate Member Spotlight: Neuco, Inc.

During a recent Stanley Cup finals game one announcer, speaking of the multiple goals scored by a Blackhawk player said, “The puck tends to find the great player”. The meaning behind those words is not just true of hockey players, it is equally true of every professional and every business that plays at the top of its game. If you consistently put yourself or your business in the center of the action, good things are bound to happen.

A great example of this is found by looking at NEUCO, a company that has consistently put itself in the center of the action in the HVACR industry. While every Chief is familiar with the longtime master distributor of HVACR controls, NEUCO consistently brings new products and innovations to the industry that keep them at the top of the game and make the lives of Chief’s a lot easier when problems occur with HVACR controls.

Most recently, NEUCO’s center of the action strategy has paid off with the announcement that they have been chosen as the sole Illinois representative for Nor’East Controls, the American made control valve line that is the drop-in replacement valve for most Honeywell and DeZurik brand valves. Stocking control valves from ½ inch up to 6 inches in size, NEUCO can deliver a replacement for just about any control valve application and has the in-house ability to convert pneumatic valves to electric actuators.

NEUCO dispatched a team to Nor’East’s headquarters in Portland, Maine for a week of intensive training in valve repair and replacement before bringing the Nor’East line to customers. This commitment to making sure things are done right is another trait of the NEUCO team that keeps them at the top of their game and makes them the premier supplier of HVACR controls and parts in the American Midwest. According to Tim Stelzer, Vice-President of Sales at NEUCO, architects and engineering firms are already including Nor’East valves in their plans and specification for 300 to 600 lbs. applications in high rises and industrial applications.

In the same way the puck tends to find great players in hockey, opportunities in business, tend to find great companies. By remaining at the center of the industry NEUCO has been rewarded with an exclusive distributorship of a great, American made controls product that is often sought by Chief Engineers for steam plant repair and control. Its a great lesson not only for every business owner, but also for everyone in every walk of life.

For more information about NEUCO and the Nor’East Controls valve line, give them a call at 630-960-3800 and ask for Local Sales.

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