Mackinac Island: Victorian Charm In Modern Era


This Sept. 23, 2012 photo shows Lake Huron as seen through Arch Rock, a natural stone formation on Mackinac Island, Mich., on Lake Huron. The island offers Victorian charm in modern times, with a century-long ban on motor vehicles, but visitors can hike or bike to Arch Rock and other attractions. (AP Photo/Anick Jesdanun)

Mackinac Island, located off the Straits of Mackinac separating Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, was an important outpost in the region’s fur trade, but that gave way to fishing and eventually tourism.

Among the main attractions: the Grand Hotel, a 385-room luxury hotel that played a central role in “Somewhere in Time.” In fact, fans of the movie, many in period costumes, descend on the island and the hotel every fall for a weekend of reenactments and a screening.

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