Facebook Tweaks Android Phones To Build New ‘Home’


“Home” comes amid rapid growth in the number of people who access Facebook from phones and tablet computers. Of the social network’s 1.06 billion monthly users, 680 million log in using a mobile gadget. As a result, the money Facebook makes from mobile advertising is also growing. Taking over the entire screen of smartphones and, eventually, tablet computers will provide Facebook for a larger canvas for selling mobile ads.

Zuckerberg, already a multibillionaire, didn’t dwell on Home’s moneymaking potential Thursday. Instead, he depicted the software as a noble attempt to put a higher priority on personal relationships than utilitarian apps.

“Why do we need to go into all the apps in the first place to see what is going on with the people we care about,” he asked.

“We think this is the best version of Facebook there is,” he said.

That statement implies that using Facebook on Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones may become a less enriching experience. Apple Inc., which rigidly controls how apps work on the operating system built for the iPhone and iPad, has ingrained more Facebook features into the most recent versions of its mobile software Apple had no immediate comment about Home.

Zuckerberg said users can have an experience on Android phones unavailable on other platforms because Google makes the software available on an open-source basis. That allows phone manufacturers and software developers to adapt it to their needs.

Recognizing that text messaging is one of the most important tasks on a mobile phone, Facebook programmed Home to include a feature called “chat heads.” This lets users communicate with their friends directly from their home screens – without opening a separate app.

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