Des Moines Developers Turning To Micro Apartments


Shireman said he and his wife, both 24, are contemplating moving, but will likely stay put after calling on a 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom that cost $1,700 a month.

“Projects fill up really fast,” said Larry Bradshaw, president of the Downtown Neighborhood Association. He expects the micros will be especially popular with renters in their late 20s and early 30s.

“They don’t really qualify for low-income housing, and they don’t make enough for larger market-rate apartments,” Bradshaw said. “Micro apartments are much smaller spaces, but it would get people into the neighborhood if they really want to live here.”

Shireman, a social media strategist at Happy Medium, a downtown marketing company, said he likes living in the urban core. “It’s one-third convenience, being close to work and great restaurants. It’s onethird excitement. There’s always something interesting happening. And it’s one-third pride, that we as a city built a place where people want to be.”

Seventy-seven percent of people in their 20s polled plan to live in urban core areas, according to a survey last year from Robert Charles Lesser & Co., a Los Angeles real estate land use and economics company.

“After living here for five years, I wouldn’t cross MLK,” said Bradshaw, 44, who owns a condo downtown and works in West Des Moines. “It’s a healthier lifestyle, for one. When I lived out west, you pulled your car into the garage and you were done for the day.

“Now I walk to a restaurant or meet friends at a bar, or hit the bike trail. You’re just always outside,” he said.

Downtown Des Moines also attracts the highest average rents in the metro for efficiencies, one- and two-bedroom apartments, based on the results of a recent Hubbell market survey. In fact, there were no downtown efficiencies available in January.

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