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Intel Briefing – January 2013


Kidney dialysis center under investigation for injecting patients with cleanser.
Federal health officials are investigating a kidney dialysis center in Town and Country, Missouri, after eight patients were injected with bleach or other cleanser December 3. At least seven of the patients were hospitalized and two have since been released, according to a spokesman for U.S. Renal Care, which operates the facility. All of the patients are expected to recover. “We can confirm that a cleaning solution, commonly used in dialysis, was inadvertently added into our water supply due to a one-time human error,” a spokesman said in a statement. The facility, situated on the campus of the Cedars of Town and Country nursing home, was closed while Medicare inspectors conduct an investigation. Residents of the nursing home who need dialysis would be taken to nearby centers.


Bogus contractors steal copper from W.Va. plant.
West Virginia State Police warned manufacturers to review security procedures after two men posing as contractors drove out of a plant with two tons of stolen scrap copper, the Associated Press reported December 6. Workers at the Constellium Rolled Products Plant in Ravenswood did not suspect the men were thieves November 30. Constellium regularly sells scrap copper that is left over from its alloy production and maintenance activities. It was not unusual for contractors and trucking companies to visit the plant to pick up the metal. One of the suspects told the security guard at the plant’s gate that he was supposed to pick up an order. He was given a pass into the plant after he used a fake license and identification on plant security forms. The security guard told police that he saw only one man. Investigators believe the other man was hiding in the truck. Once they were on the plant grounds, they went to one of the cast houses and told employees they were picking up scrap copper. After workers filled the truck’s bed with scrap copper, the men left the plant. Workers told police that the only thing odd about the men was their hats, which differed in style from the hard hats everyone is required to wear inside the plant’s gates. Plant security officers contacted several metal recyclers in West Virginia and surrounding States after the theft occurred.


Loaded pistol found packed in frozen meat.
An Albertsons employee in Roswell, New Mexico, found a handgun with ammunition placed inside a frozen meat package December 5. The semi- automatic and its ammunition was turned over to police. The Roswell Police Department said that the particular model of gun is rarely seen in the area. According to the police report, the meat package came from the Swift Packing Plant in Greeley, Colorado, and the date on the package was June 8, 2011. Police said the pistol was not reported stolen. The Albertsons supervisor told police there was an indention in the box where the gun was packed in with the frozen meat.

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