Wrightsoft’s Right-Mobile Consultant™ – Powerful Selling Tool

Right-Mobile Consultant™ (RMC) is an easy-to-use, cloud-based HVAC business-building tool that enhances in-home selling with instant pricing and customized presentations. By simplifying the proposal process, RMC greatly improves in-home presentations by involving homeowners in the proposal process.

With RMC, company owners and managers can create and control pricing and automatically pass new pricing to their sales team.

The powerful software by Wrightsoft is easily accessed from a browser on most computing devices (desktop, laptop, iPad and other tablets) with internet access. With an iPad, RMC provides advanced capabilities, easily managed with a large touch screen. Wrightsoft pros have verified that homeowners spend more with contractors who give laptop presentations and perform Manual J load calculations while offering professional proposals.

Capabilities include:
Manual J
With RMC, dealers perform fast and easy, ACCA-approved Manual J8 (whole house) load calculations in minutes. Also, there are eight standard Wrightsoft Reports for code officials and utilities.

Homeowner proposals
A tailored proposal with dealer logo and identification is automatically generated. Users choose from four proposal templates. A customer questionnaire identifies needs, then meets those needs with the proper accessories from simple, customizable drop-down menus that become part of the finished proposal.

When integrated with Wrightsoft’s all new Right-Price™, dealers can upload pricing via Excel spreadsheet. Only the equipment and accessories that a dealer sells will be displayed with pricing.
With Right-Price, there’s no more manual data entry; pricing is automatically populated. Dealers create, control and manage residential replacement costs, pricing and profits with this pricing tool. The time-saving and secure system offers the ability to instantly update salespeople in the field without having to copy or transfer information.

Professional presentations
Dealers will find it easy to showcase their firm with customized presentations about what makes their company a great fit for customers with the companion app, Right- Roadshow™. Easily add a company overview, customer testimonials, website link and information about equipment quality. Equipment brand information includes website links, marketing datasheets and product information.

Operating cost and ROI
Stop selling on price. Get fast accurate annual operating cost and energy analysis to give you a competitive advantage in the home. Compare up to four systems and give your customer the experience of shopping rather than “being sold.”

RMC’s ROI tool demonstrates that lowest price is not always the least expensive. Dealers can the built-in equipment datasheets to help demonstrate comfort and value while calculating payback with annual utility savings, cost of repair, local incentives and tax credits.

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