As Historic Flags Age, Civil War Brews Over Preservation

By Kathleen Ronayne CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Eighty-eight Civil War flags, some tattered, some stained in blood and ripped by bullet holes, capture the attention of visitors to New Hampshire’s State House. Since the 1860s, the banners have hung in the Hall of Flags at the state Capitol’s front entrance. New Hampshire men once carried […]

At 80, Shipyard Skipper to Step Back After Zumwalt Trials

By David Sharp BATH, Maine (AP) — Captain Earl Walker wasn’t about to retire before seeing the Navy’s futuristic Zumwalt destroyer safely down the Kennebec River to the Atlantic Ocean. The 80-year-old river pilot and sea captain extended his contract at Bath Iron Works to ensure he could pilot the 610-foot warship safely through three […]

New Exhibits Ready for Takeoff at Marine Corps Museum

By Kristin Davis TRIANGLE, Va. (AP) — In October 1943, as war raged in Europe, a student pilot crashed an SBD Dauntless dive-bomber into Lake Michigan during a training mission. The pilot was rescued. The aircraft sank to the lake bottom, where it would remain for half a century. By the time the National Museum of […]

Rebuild of 1907 Steam Locomotive Slowly Chugging Along

SPRINGFIELD, Wis. (AP) — The American Locomotive Co. was once one of the largest builders of steam engines in the world. In 1907, six years after the New York company was formed by a merger of the Schenectady Locomotive Works and seven other companies, ALCO, as it was then known, set a production record. Its […]

‘Whiskey Rebellion’ Tourism Eyed for Pennsylvania County

By Ryan Brown BEDFORD, Pa. (AP) — Crowds of onlookers filled Bedford’s streets Oct. 19, 1794, as the President of the United States rode into town. A witness recalled that 62-year-old Washington — “the Father of His Country,” as he was already widely called — appeared pleased as he passed down a street, removed his […]