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Car-To-Car Talk: Hey, Look Out For That Collision!

By Joan Lowy WASHINGTON (AP) – Your car might see a deadly crash coming even if you don’t, the government says, indicating it will require automakers to equip new vehicles with technology that lets cars warn each other if they’re plunging toward peril. The action, still some years off, has “game-changing potential” to cut collisions, [...]

Wis. Students Develop Robot Snowblower

By Keith Uhlig WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) – Students developing the robot snowblower at Wausau West High School laugh politely at a joke about the machine becoming self-aware and attempting to take over the world. “Actually, though,” said Ethan Klein, 17, a senior, “we do want to address safety.” The idea would be to install some [...]

US Tech Firms Fight Spying, Protect Interests

By Michael Liedtke and Marcy Gordon SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) – Even as Silicon Valley’s technology companies speak out against the U.S. government’s surveillance methods, they are turning a handsome profit by mining personal data and peering into people’s online habits.

Maybe Not Sci-Fi, But Robots Readied For Big Tests

By Geoff Mulvihill and Kevin Begos PENNSAUKEN, New Jersey (AP) – The real world has not caught up yet with “Star Wars” and its talking, thinking robots, but some of the most sophisticated units that exist are heading to Florida for a Defense Department-sponsored competition.

‘Bionic Man’ Walks, Breathes With Artificial Parts

By Barbara Ortutay NEW YORK, NY (AP) – Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, after all. We have the technology. The term “bionic man” was the stuff of science fiction in the 1970s, when a popular TV show called “The Six Million Dollar Man” chronicled the adventures of Steve Austin, a former astronaut whose body was [...]