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Ham Radio: It’s Social Media, Old School

By Rick Barrett MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (AP) – Long ago, before Facebook, Twitter and email, ham radio operators were the original social media geeks. And they’re still out there, in greater numbers than ever, chatting and messaging each other all over the world without an Internet connection or even a telephone line. Currently, there are more [...]

Robotics Has A Place Milking Cows Down On The Farm

By Annie Siebert SALEM, Penn. (AP) – Milking a cow used to require only a bucket and a person unafraid of being kicked in the face. Now, it takes a lot less manpower, but it requires lasers, computers, iPhone apps and computer chips embedded in cows’ collars. Kepple’s Family Farm in Salem, Westmoreland County, has [...]

ComEd Rolling Out ‘Smart’ Meters, Ameren To Follow

By Tammy Webber CHICAGO, Ill. (AP) – The days of the meter reader are numbered in most of Illinois with the advent of new digital “smart” meters – wireless devices that relay information on electricity consumption directly to utilities. Commonwealth Edison began installing meters to officially kick off a hard-won program by it and Ameren [...]

Simulator Gives Guardsmen Training

By Andy Kravetz BARTONVILLE, Ill. (AP) – The sound of gunfire caused Spc. Christopher Wilson to perk up and look around quickly. He peered over a ridge and saw two trucks with machine guns firing at him. “Back up, you don’t want to get shot,” said Master Sgt. Jon Oliver to Wilson who slowly backed [...]

NASA Launches Robotic Explorer To Moon

By Marcia Dunn NASA’s newest robotic explorer rocketed into space in an unprecedented moonshot from Virginia that dazzled sky watchers along the East Coast of the U.S. But the LADEE spacecraft quickly ran into equipment trouble, and while NASA assured everyone early that the lunar probe was safe and on a perfect track for the [...]