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Online Forums Provide Key Havens For Terror Plots

By Lara Jakes and Adam Goldman WASHINGTON (AP) – In secretive chat rooms and on encrypted Internet message boards, al-Qaida fighters have been planning and coordinating attacks – including a threatened if vague plot that U.S. officials say closed 19 diplomatic posts across Africa and the Middle East for more than a week. It’s highly [...]

Boulder Businessmen Targeting Farmers With Drones

By Charlie Brennan BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – Two Boulder businesses are hoping to bring pioneering drone technology to the age-old business of farming – if only federal regulators will let them out of the barn. InventWorks and Boulder Labs have developed a drone they believe could revolutionize the multi-billion dollar business of agriculture, by offering [...]

Engelbart, Inventor Of Computer Mouse, Dies At 88

By Michael Liedtke SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) – Doug Engelbart, a visionary who invented the computer mouse and developed other technology that has transformed the way people work, play and communicate, died late last month. He was 88. His death of acute kidney failure occurred at his home in Atherton, Calif., after a long battle [...]

In ‘Golden Age’ Of Surveillance, US Has Big Edge

By Raphael Satter LONDON (AP) – The saga of Edward Snowden and the NSA makes one thing clear: The United States’ central role in developing the Internet and hosting its most powerful players has made it the global leader in the surveillance game. Other countries, from dictatorships to democracies, are also avid snoopers, tapping into [...]

Spread Of DNA Databases Sparks Ethical Concerns

By Jill Lawless LONDON (AP) – You can ditch your computer and leave your cellphone at home, but you can’t escape your DNA. It belongs uniquely to you – and, increasingly, to the authorities. Countries around the world are collecting genetic material from millions of citizens in the name of fighting crime and terrorism – [...]