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Student Texts Space Station With Rooftop Antennae

By Chase Castle IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – If you have a message to relay to the International Space Station, simply stop by Van Allen Hall and ask if Ross McCurdy is around. The sophomore astronomy student at the University of Iowa built a communication station on the seventh floor of the building there and [...]

Too Tired To Practice? Ask A GPS Device

By Eric Olson LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Nebraska’s Tommy Armstrong Jr. was running play after play during a preseason practice and was beginning to wear down in the heat. He could have asked for a break, but he didn’t have to. An assistant strength coach who was keeping electronic tabs on Armstrong could tell by [...]

Skip Check-In; Latest Hotel Room Key Is Your Phone

By Scott Mayerowitz NEW YORK (AP) – Hotels don’t want guests to have to linger at the front desk – or even stop by at all. New programs are helping speed up the check-in process for busy travelers, or in at least one case, letting them go straight to their rooms by using their smartphone [...]

Hacking A Big Danger For Small Businesses

By Joyce M. Rosenberg NEW YORK (AP) – It’s not just big businesses like JPMorgan Chase, Target and Home Depot that get hacked. Small companies suffer from intrusions into their computer systems, too. The costs associated with computer and website attacks can run well into the thousands and even millions of dollars for a small [...]

Mobile Revolution Shakes Up Silicon Valley

By Michael Liedtke SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets aren’t just changing the way we live and work. They are shaking up Silicon Valley’s balance of power and splitting up businesses. Long-established companies such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and eBay Inc. are scrambling to regain their footing to better compete against mobile-savvy trendsetters [...]