Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Phone Aims to Dispel the Note 7 Debacle

By Anick Jedanun NEW YORK (AP) — Samsung seems to be playing it safe with its first major smartphone since the embarrassing recall of its fire-prone Note 7. The Galaxy S8 features a larger display than its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, and sports a voice assistant intended to rival Siri and Google Assistant. But there […]

Windows Update Will Bring 3-D, Game Tools and Doodling

By Anick Jedanun NEW YORK (AP) _ A major update to Microsoft’s Windows 10 system will start reaching consumers and businesses on April 11, offering 3-D drawing tools, game-broadcasting capabilities and better ways to manage your web browsing. This “Creators Update” also aims to make future updates less disruptive. Microsoft said Wednesday that it will […]

Fitbit Tracks Your Steps; Now It Wants to Chart Your Zs, too*

By Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK (AP) _ Fitbit, whose devices encourage people to walk 10,000 steps each day, now wants to put them to sleep as well. The company said data collected by the millions of Fitbit trackers in use show that people are averaging less than seven hours of sleep a night, the amount […]

Samsung Delays its New Phone, and Showcases Tablets Instead*

By Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK (AP) _ Samsung’s product showcase Sunday is notable for what’s missing: a new flagship phone. Instead, Samsung is spotlighting new Android and Windows tablets after delaying the Galaxy S8 smartphone _ an indirect casualty of the unprecedented September recall of the fire-prone Note 7 phone . The new tablets will […]

New LG Phone Influenced by Samsung’s Note 7 Troubles*

By Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK (AP) _ Samsung’s fiasco with its fire-prone Note 7 phone has pushed its rival LG to take additional precautions with its next smartphone. Samsung recalled millions of Note 7 phones after dozens overheated and caught on fire . Samsung blamed numerous problems with its batteries and announced tighter quality controls […]