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Review: Freedom! These Smartwatches Leave the Phone Behind

By Anick Jesdanun SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — Strap on the Samsung Gear S or the Sony SmartWatch 3 if you want to take a jog on the beach or head out for a bike ride without your phone clunking along. One of my frustrations with early smartwatches has been how little they can do [...]

Juggling Too Many Remotes? Try This Touch Screen

By Michael Liedtke SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — How many remotes does it take to watch television, stream Netflix or record your favorite show on DVR? The Ray Super Remote wants to declutter your coffee table and become the central nervous system of all of your home entertainment systems. The touch-screen device, released Tuesday, is designed [...]

U.S. Proposes Rules for Routine Commercial Use of Drones

By Joan Lowy WASHINGTON (AP) — The government proposed long-awaited rules Sunday to usher in an era of commercial drones zipping through U.S. skies, but packages from these unmanned aircraft won’t be landing on doorsteps any time soon. The Federal Aviation Administration proposed requirements that commercial operators must meet, such as passing a knowledge test [...]

Raise Your Home’s IQ: Smart Gadgets Take Center Stage At CES

By Anick Jesdanun LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — Imagine a world in which your garage door opens automatically as you pull into the driveway. The living room lights and heater turn on — perhaps the oven starts warming up, too. In the so-called “smart home,” cars, appliances and other devices all have sensors and Internet [...]

Wearable Sensors Gather Lots Of Data – Now To Make It Useful

By Brandon Bailey LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — It’s not just about how many steps you’ve taken or how many calories you’ve burned in a day. Wearable fitness trackers and health monitors are becoming more commonplace and diverse, but just what do you do with all of that data? “We have a lot of people [...]