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A Closer Look: Secure Your Phone Without Passcodes

By Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK (AP) – Passcodes are outdated. They’re a pain to use, and they aren’t secure when they are based on easy-to-guess digits, such as a birth date or street address. Many people don’t bother using them on phones, even though that means any thief can get instant access to email, banking [...]

Wal-Mart: Try, Try Again

By Anne D’Innocenzio NEW YORK (AP) – Wal-Mart thought shoppers would jump at the opportunity to use a smartphone app to scan items they want to buy as they walk through store aisles. In theory, they could speed through self-checkout. But customers had trouble using the “Scan & Go” app during tests in 200 stores, [...]

Dallas County Gets Futuristic General Hospital

By Sherry Jacobson DALLAS (AP) – The new Parkland Memorial Hospital is more than a sleek mass of glass and steel, towering 17 stories above Harry Hines Boulevard. Dallas County’s new $1.3 billion public hospital is one of the first “digital hospitals” in the United States. The new campus is teeming with technology that wasn’t [...]

Are Drones The Future Of Firefighting?

By Brian Smith TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) – When it comes to analyzing dangerous wildfires, could a sensor attached to a drone ever replace a human eye connected to an intellect shaped by experience and intuition? That’s one of the many questions federal wildland firefighting officials are asking as drones become increasingly popular in warfare [...]

Hybrid Tricycle Designed To Increase Mobility

By Melissa Griffiths JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – Adventure runs in the Janes family, so when Bob Janes found his father’s age affected his ability to be active outdoors, something had to be done. So Janes invented the Access Hybrid, a trike with an assistive electric motor, meant to provide all the fun of a bicycle [...]