Legionella, Standard 188 and You

On June 27, 2015, at the annual ASHRAE Conference, ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188 was finally approved after numerous drafts and five rounds of public review, and now a new level of responsibility has shifted onto the shoulders of building and systems managers. The approved Standard 188 contains a basic strategy for reducing the risk of Legionellosis […]

Modernizing Advocate Good Shepherd

By Karl J. Paloucek Some simple jobs are big. Other, smaller jobs can, at times, be the more challenging. And then there are those for which the dimension of scale and complexity demand incredible facility, planning and expertise. When it came time for Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Ill., to expand its existing facility, […]

When History Requires Renovation

Carefully considered renovations at Mies van der Rohe’s 330 N. Wabash building, the AMA Plaza, not only upgraded the site for the new millennium, but they ended up having an incredible impact on the building’s rate of occupancy. By Karl J. Paloucek Upgrading a building that’s on the National Register of Historic Places can have […]

Big Renovations at Big John

By John Fanning It is hard to believe that the John Hancock Building — the iconic “Big John” that symbolizes the Chicago skyline more so than any other building in the Loop — has been gracing the Chicago skyline for more than four decade. The building itself, both inside and out, certainly doesn’t reveal its […]

Keeping Corrosion at Bay

By Karl J. Paloucek The importance of removing all salts from your assets’ metallic surfaces prior to coating can’t be overestimated. It’s one of the most common compounds found on our planet, and it’s a crucial part of the equation for corrosion. Salt has tremendous power and can be incredibly useful, but when you’re applying […]