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Mackinac Island: Victorian Charm In Modern Era

By Anick Jesdanun Producers of the 1980 movie “Somewhere in Time” didn’t need to build elaborate sets to depict the tale of a playwright who travels back to 1912 to find romance. They simply filmed on Mackinac Island, a Great Lakes enclave that retains its Victorian-era charm thanks to its ban on motor vehicles. Motor [...]

From Merchandise Warehouse to Data Warehouse: 601 W. Polk

As anyone who has worked with commercial buildings for awhile will tell you, every building takes on a history worth telling about. So when Dan Carey, a board member of the Chief Engineers called us and told us about a building in Chicago’s near south area that was over a century old, we knew that [...]

Bradford White Training Facility Raises the Bar

Hi-tech training facilities have almost become the industry standard for manufacturers and large rep firms. At Bradford White’s manufacturing facility in Middleville, Michigan, a cutting edge facility has been in the works since mid-2010. Bradford White’s intent for the LEED Gold- certified ITEC (International Technical Excellence Center) wasn’t simply to raise the bar as a [...]

The Future of Energy: Policy, Technology & Cost

Last month President Obama visited Argonne National Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois to talk about his plans for an energy policy. The President has spoken often about energy during his first term in office, but no actual policy was ever established. Now, as the President gets serious in his final four years in office, it is [...]

Chicago’s Lighthouse

With a nighttime skyline so bright it is observable from space, more than a few visitors and many residents of Chicago have asked when it was that the lighthouse at the city’s downtown Chicago River was actually needed to guide vessels to the city? The answer is of course, years and years ago. While Chicago [...]