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Greetings From Mars

In the early morning hours of August 6, 2012, NASA’s Curiosity rover landed in the Gale Crater on Mars, marking an epic triumph of human engineering. The space program has always spurred technological advances and driven engineers to be innovators. This month, The Chief Engineer would like to highlight Curiosity and some of the images [...]

Roosevelt University Vertical Campus

Founded in 1945 as Thomas Jefferson College and renamed that same year, following the death of then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Chicago’s Roosevelt University has garnered a reputation as a world-class educational institution residing within the city’s busy downtown Loop area. While there are distinct advantages for the university in being located in the Loop, [...]

City Colleges of Chicago Richard J. Daley Arturo Velasquez Institute Education that Works

Since Arturo Velasquez Institute, part of the City Colleges of Chicago, opened as West Side Technical Institute on Chicago’s Southwest side, it has been making an impact on the students and community that it serves through the many instructional classes it offers. But one impact it has no intention of making is an impact upon [...]

The Devastation and Rebirth of Christchurch, New Zealand

EDITORS NOTE: For many years New Zealand native, David Killick, has produced stories on assignment for The Chief Engineer. Filing exclusive reports from newsmakers in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, David has provided readers of the Chief Engineer with unique feature stories on a variety of engineering related topices. Many readers may recall that [...]

Give Me Shelter: Weather Violence Increasing Demand for Safe Rooms

Safe houses have been around since before biblical times. The Book of Joshua from the Old Testament makes reference to a safe house as do many history books and novels. The definition was a house or apartment where one could be sheltered, hidden and safe from a person, persons, or organization. Present day includes not [...]