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Able Engineering Services

With more facilities opting to contract with professional property operations companies, we at the Chief Engineer thought it was time to report on just what makes such a decision a smart one for building owners and just what facility managers can expect from contracting with one of these O&M companies. We begin our report of [...]

Dominican University Upgrades and Saves With Nicor Rebate

The Chief Engineer visited with Matt Brickey of Metropolitan Industries at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois to learn about the work his company had performed there and how the university saved a lot of money through the Nicor Gas Company’s Rebate Program. The Program The Nicor Business Custom Incentive Program was established to help [...]

Historic Hotels Restored, Others Linger

By Fernando Del Valle When Patti Dittburner thinks about the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in San Benito, Texas, she envisions a project to revive that city’s decaying landmark to the glamour of its glory days more than 50 years ago. “The light bulb blinks when I think about the Stonewall Jackson,” she said. Then she remembers [...]

Game Of The Future: NFL 2017

NEW YORK (AP) – Laser technology to help officials. Computer chips in the football. Devices that measure the impact of a hit or the speed of a ball carrier heading to the end zone. Streamlined, yet safer equipment. A 400-pound player. More teams in the playoffs. More international matchups. More prime-time games. NFL 2017, quite [...]

Greetings From Mars

In the early morning hours of August 6, 2012, NASA’s Curiosity rover landed in the Gale Crater on Mars, marking an epic triumph of human engineering. The space program has always spurred technological advances and driven engineers to be innovators. This month, The Chief Engineer would like to highlight Curiosity and some of the images [...]