Spot Heating Solutions: Keeping Cozy In Every Space

By Andrew Martin and Dennis Krob When you’re looking to heat one area of a building or home with cold spots, consider spot heating options. Cold spots that need heat include areas that may not have been included when the HVAC system was installed, such as new additions or spaces that were simply overlooked. In […]

Tilting, Sinking San Francisco High-Rise Raises Alarm

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Pamela Buttery noticed something peculiar six years ago while practicing golf putting in her 57th-floor apartment at the luxurious Millennium Tower. The ball kept veering to the same corner of her living room. Those were the first signs for residents of the sleek, mirrored high-rise that something was wrong. The 58-story […]

In the Wake of Disaster: Recovery

By John Fanning A catastrophic event in your facility is something that most engineers simply don’t want to think about.  But one thing for sure is that the worst time to start thinking about recovering from a catastrophe is the day after one happens. To be sure, disaster recovery is something that the average facility […]

Illinois International Port — Sailing Into The Future

By John Fanning Let’s start with a simple thesis: The City of Chicago was founded on trade and will remain the Midwest giant of the United States so long as trade remains central and unencumbered. Not everyone these days might agree with that statement. Some would argue that in today’s world, the only trade route […]

Does Pipeline Age Really Matter?

By Anya Litvak | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette PITTSBURGH (AP) — Thirty years of watching metal fail, often spectacularly, and Mehrooz Zamanzadeh has developed some go-to mantras. “Mother Nature doesn’t like what she didn’t make,” he likes to say. That means when a man-made object is exposed to the environment — say, a metal pipeline is buried […]