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Intel Briefing – July 2014

Iranian campaign snooped on U.S. officials. iSight Partners researchers released a report stating that attackers from Iran created and ran a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign since at least 2011 targeting government officials, diplomats, U.S. military members, and Washington, D.C. journalists by creating fake online personas as reporters, defense contractors, and politicians. The attackers were allegedly able […]

Intel Briefing – June 2014

GE Brand Dehumidifiers by Midea recalled for repair due to fire hazard; sold exclusively at Walmart. Midea announced a recall of around 15,500 GE Brand Dehumidifiers due to the potential for a component in the dehumidifiers’ compressors to short circuit, posing a fire hazard. The dehumidifiers were sold exclusively at Walmart stores between March 2010 […]

Intel Briefing – May 2014

Hackers can unlock Tesla cars by stealing owners’ passwords. A security researcher reported that the password created by Tesla car owners can be easily obtained via brute force attacks due to it only containing six letters and numbers, allowing attackers to track the location of Tesla cars or unlock the door locks remotely. The remote […]

Intel Briefing – April 2014

Power mostly restored after downtown blasts. Crews worked February 28 to restore power to several downtown Columbus businesses and State agencies that were closed or delayed due to a power outage caused by a fire and two explosions at an underground American Electric Power vault. Officials speculate damage from a close-by water main break in […]

Intel Briefing – March 2014

Fake SSL certificates used to impersonate Facebook, Google, banks. Netcraft researchers discovered a large number of fake SSL certificates in the wild purporting to be from banks, social networks, payment providers, and other services which could be used by attackers to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks. The researchers warned that mobile banking apps are especially vulnerable because […]