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Pasternack Waveguide Frequency Mixers Offer Compactness, Conversion Loss Performance

Irvine, CA — Pasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, adds new millimeter wave (mm-wave) waveguide frequency mixers available in six down-conversion and six up-conversion models that cover full Ka, Q, U, V, E, and W bands.  Designs utilize high performance GaAs Schottky Barrier Beam Lead Diodes in balanced configurations that […]

Fairview Introduces Five Waveguide Attenuators

Fairview introduces five waveguide attenuators allowing engineers to test signals across Q, U, V and W bands. Allen, Texas — Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new line of in-stock and ready to ship high-precision waveguide variable attenuators operating to 110 GHz. Fairview’s new continuously variable waveguide attenuators […]

New Flexible/Twistable Waveguides From Pasternack

Irvine, CA – Pasternack, a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, expands their waveguide product portfolio with the addition of new flexible waveguides that operate up to 40 GHz over nine frequency bands. This offering consists of 36 unique models of flexible waveguide twists ranging in size from WR-137 (as low as […]

Tjernlund Products Explains Reversible Ventilation Fans’ Benefits

A brochure about Tjernlund Products reversible ventilation fan that improves indoor air quality, cures damp-musty basements and crawl spaces is now available. The “XchangeRTM Fan”, Model X2D is designed for mounting directly next to an outside wall and Model X2R can be connected to the outside intake/exhaust hood with 6” ducts so it can be […]

Bison Expands Compact PowerSTAR 712 Series Hypoid Gearmotor With PMDC Motor Options

October 5, 2015 — Bison Gear and Engineering is pleased to announce a new addition to their most compact PowerSTAR® gearmotor option available yet, the 712 PMDC right-angle hypoid gearmotor. The 712 series allows for the same performance advantages as the larger PowerSTAR series designed into a smaller package. The 712 PMDC gearmotor has the […]