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Tjernlund Products Explains Reversible Ventilation Fans’ Benefits

A brochure about Tjernlund Products reversible ventilation fan that improves indoor air quality, cures damp-musty basements and crawl spaces is now available. The “XchangeRTM Fan”, Model X2D is designed for mounting directly next to an outside wall and Model X2R can be connected to the outside intake/exhaust hood with 6” ducts so it can be […]

Bison Expands Compact PowerSTAR 712 Series Hypoid Gearmotor With PMDC Motor Options

October 5, 2015 — Bison Gear and Engineering is pleased to announce a new addition to their most compact PowerSTAR® gearmotor option available yet, the 712 PMDC right-angle hypoid gearmotor. The 712 series allows for the same performance advantages as the larger PowerSTAR series designed into a smaller package. The 712 PMDC gearmotor has the […]

Taco SCI and SFI, First SelfSensing End Suction Pumps

The industry’s first self-sensing, variable-speed end suction pumps are now available from Taco. The pumps, with integrated VFDs, permit fast, accurate balancing. They help to reduce balancing contractor costs, eliminate expensive wiring and the need for external sensors. New SCI close-coupled end suction pumps, and SFI frame-mounted end suction pumps provide superior reliability and ease […]

Leviton Launches Omnistat™ 3 Hospitality Thermostat for Guest Room Energy Management

Melville, N.Y. — Leviton recently announced the availability of the Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat, a retrofit solution developed specifically for guest room energy management. The small form factor thermostat has a capacitive touch face, and when paired with wireless Leviton Lumina RF load controls and sensors, it provides affordable guest room control for hospitality rooms […]

Insulation Energy Appraisal

Insufficient and poorly installed insulation around heating and cooling systems is, by far, the biggest cause of lost energy — and dollars. When installed professionally, mechanical insulation is a vital resource that protects a facility from energy loss and physical damage. It is a fundamental enhancement with far-reaching results and one of the only items […]