Commercial Vertical Electric Power Water Heaters from Bradford White, Niles Steel Tank and Laars Heating Systems

Bradford White Corporation subsidiaries, Bradford White Water Heaters, Niles Steel Tank, and Laars Heating Systems now offer 150- to 2,500-gallon electric water heaters, from 12 to 162 kW that feature 150 psi ASME code glass lining, ASME temperature and PRV, internal fusing (above 120 amps) and magnesium anode rods. Bradford White’s Product Marketing Manager, Chad […]

Pallet Transfer Cart Easily Moves Pallets Wherever Needed

Louisville, KY — Verti-Lift introduces a heavy-duty transfer cart quickly and ergonomically moves pallets and other heavy components (up to 4000 capacity) within production environments. This custom-designed solution includes a gravity roller conveyor, a pallet retaining bar to secure the load during transport, and a manual foot-actuated “locking/docking arm” for convenient hands-free operation. The cart […]

UC1 Controlled Side Wall Power Venters Make Replacement Simple

White Bear Lake, Minnesota – With more than one million Tjernlund Side Wall Power Venters installed in the last 25 years, contractors faced with replacing old power venters with today’s models might have been facing confusing circumstances. However, thanks to a UC1 Universal Control developed by Tjernlund Products, Inc., based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, […]

Kit Eliminates Need for Chimney Liner

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. — A Chimney Stack Assist Kit (Model CSA1) offered by Tjernlund Products allows water heaters to be vented through existing connectors and oversized chimneys. Heretofore, upgrading to a condensing direct vent furnace often required installation of a chimney liner for the orphaned water heater.  The CSA1 Kit offers the following benefits: Use of […]

RectorSeal® Introduces Safe, Quick and Easy Leak Sealant Injection Method — AC Leak Freeze® Pro

Houston — RectorSeal® LLC, a manufacturer of quality HVAC/R products, has introduced AC Leak Freeze® Pro, a safe, quick and easy refrigerant leak sealant applicator for residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. AC Leak Freeze Pro is an 11.5-inch-long applicator that consists of a flexible, easy-to-handle, transparent refrigeration hose and an attached copper reservoir, which contain a total 1.46-ounces of […]