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Victims’ Son: Use Social Media Against Violence

By Don Babwin CHICAGO, Ill. (AP) – Garrard McClendon was a local television talk-show host in 2009 when he was told his elderly parents had been shot to death during a burglary of their home. Now an assistant professor of education at Chicago State University, he is calling on the city’s high-tech community to develop [...]

Geothermal And HVAC Graduate Level Textbook Now Available From Mcgraw Hill

CRANSTON, RI – McGraw Hill Education has published a follow-on graduate level textbook to its highly successful Geothermal HVAC: Green Heating and Cooling undergraduate textbook, published in 2011. In addition to geothermal consultant Jay Egg, one of the authors to the first textbook, the new volume, Modern Geothermal HVAC: Engineering and Control Applications, which came [...]

Samsung Unveils New Smartwatch That Makes Calls

By Frank Jordans BERLIN (AP) – Nearly 70 years after Dick Tracy began wearing a two-way wrist radio in the funny pages, the technology that once seemed impossibly futuristic will be widely available by Christmas. Samsung introduced a digital watch for the holiday season that will let users check messages with a glance at their [...]

Group: Apps Not Effective Tool For Teaching Babies

By Anne Flaherty WASHINGTON (AP) – Smartphones don’t make smart babies, an advocacy group declared in a complaint to the government about mobile apps that claim to help babies learn. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, whose allegations against “Baby Einstein” videos eventually led to consumer refunds, is urging federal regulators to examine the marketing [...]

VMI Engineers Develop Robot Tick Killer

By Jacob Demmitt LEXINGTON, Va. (AP) – After studying tick infestations for 20 years, Holly Gaff scoffed at the idea of using robots to kill the blood-sucking, disease-causing pests. But that was before she got her hands on one. Gaff recently finished the first round of experiments on technology developed by a team of Virginia [...]