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Researcher: Technology Not To Blame For Teen Woes

By Leanne Italie NEW YORK (AP) – Danah Boyd has made a name for herself at the research division of Microsoft for painstaking work examining social media, Big Data and the tension between public and private lives, but it’s her teens’-eye view of the digital world that sets her apart. Now, Boyd has written her [...]

Device Lets Oakland Deputies Track Cellphones

By Joel Kurth and Lauren Abdel-Razzaq PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) – Oakland County commissioners asked no questions last March before unanimously approving a cellphone tracking device so powerful it was used by the military to fight terrorists. Now, though, some privacy advocates question why one of the safest counties in Michigan needs the super-secretive Hailstorm device [...]

Devices Upgrade School Lockdown Procedure

By Marta Jewson ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) – Principal Charlie Eisenreich has the power to lock down Apollo High School. It comes with the job – but now it’s literally at the touch of a button. Eisenreich and five others will soon begin carrying devices giving them the ability to trigger an instantaneous lockdown at [...]

Internet Firms Release Data On NSA Requests

By Stephen Braun and Michael Liedtke WASHINGTON (AP) – A flurry of new reports from major technology companies show that the U.S. government collects customer information on tens of thousands of Americans every six months as part of secret national security investigations. And the companies’ top lawyers struck a combative stance, saying the Obama administrative [...]

Victims’ Son: Use Social Media Against Violence

By Don Babwin CHICAGO, Ill. (AP) – Garrard McClendon was a local television talk-show host in 2009 when he was told his elderly parents had been shot to death during a burglary of their home. Now an assistant professor of education at Chicago State University, he is calling on the city’s high-tech community to develop [...]