President’s Message

Greetings, Thanks to all who attended the January meeting at Stout Barrel House. Unfortunately we did not have any sponsors for the evening, so an opportunity for someone to brand the meeting was lost. I hope our Associates see the value in this particular type of investment and choose to support future meetings as they […]

January 2017 President’s Message

Greetings, Happy New Year and sincerest wishes for the best year you and yours have ever had. It is with deepest gratitude that I am able to make this wish this year and every year forward. We are all afforded a new beginning each year and more to the point each day. My New Year’s […]

December President’s Message

Greetings All, Where to begin? So much is happening in our world at this time so let’s start local and work outwards. First a big thank you to the three sponsors of the November meeting at ChiSox Bar & Grill — specifically Patten Cat, Christopher Glass and Bear Construction — whose support afforded us a […]

President’s Message November 2016

Greetings all, At the writing of this article, the Cubs are officially division champs and about to continue their march towards a possible World Series title. Rightfully so, the city is all abuzz with energy for the north side team, and I hope they pull it off. I know many folks have waited their entire […]

President’s Message — October 2016

Greetings all, Welcome to pumpkin-spice-everything season. With a little frost on the ground overnight and summer in the rear view mirror we turn our attention to the coming Holiday season. We will soon see holiday decorations going up in the retail sector and we will begin our travel plans for Thanksgiving on the near horizon […]