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Judge: DNR Can’t Impose Requirements on Wells at Large Farms

By Todd Richmond MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin environmental officials can’t impose groundwater monitoring requirements as a condition for high-capacity well permits, an Appleton judge has ruled in a decision that could have far-reaching effects on well construction across the state. Outagamie County Judge Mark McGinnis ruled from the bench Thursday that the Department of […]

Company To Convert Landfill’s Methane Gas Into Electricity

By David Mcgee BRISTOL, Va. (AP) _ A Virginia firm expects to begin converting methane gas from the city’s landfill into electricity by year’s end. Ingenco Resources Development, a Richmond-based energy production firm, is building a $4.5 million facility that will use gas created by rotting landfill garbage to fuel a series of engines. In […]

Despite Oil Bust, Texas Prepares More Students for Oil Jobs

By Will Weissert HOUSTON (AP) — The oil industry is mired in its latest bust, with thousands of jobs evaporating like flares flaming out over natural gas wells. But in Texas, education officials are preparing more young people for the oil patch, showing the state’s unshakeable commitment to the energy sector despite the employment uncertainties. […]

UMaine Debuting Ocean Simulator to Test Sea-Bound Technology

By Patrick Whittle ORONO, Maine (AP) — Builders of everything from cruise ships and ports to oil rigs offshore wind turbines are tasked with the same question — will their work will be strong enough to stand up to the sea? A miniature indoor ocean at the University of Maine could make for a lot […]

River Restoration Project Marks Decade, With 3 Dams To Go

By Carol Thompson TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Nate Winkler waded knee-deep into the clear, rippling Boardman River, thermometer and worn leather notebook in hand. He dipped the thermometer into the cool water and logged his observation: 52 degrees. Just right for a midday in October. “This stream is supposed to be a cold-water stream, […]