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Tiny Indiana Home Found to House Log Cabin Beneath Siding

By Mark Webber | The (Columbus) Republic GARDEN CITY, Ind. (AP) — A treasure recently discovered in Garden City dates back almost 200 years, having gone virtually unnoticed for several generations. It’s not gold or even silver, but a growing interest in rustic wooden building materials has made this find an interesting and somewhat valuable […]

Thermostat Manufacturers Look to Entice Contractors with Added Value, Service and Support

In the HVAC industry everyone wins when contractors are able to flourish. This has led some forward-thinking thermostat manufacturers to think up bigger and better ways to provide additional value that can make install jobs easier and more profitable. While a high-quality, accurate device at a competitive price clearly tops the list, there are other […]

California High-Speed Rail Ready to Lay Some Track*

By Don Thompson SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — After years of prep work, Gov. Jerry Brown’s finance department decided March 3 that California’s $64 billion high-speed rail project is ready to lay some track. The administration approved the rail authority’s request to spend $2.6 billion on work in the Central Valley. The decision lets the authority […]

Drones Tested for Minnesota Bridge Inspections

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Transportation is testing the use of drones to inspect bridges. Transportation officials expect the technology will save money and provide another perspective on how the state’s bridges are holding up, KARE-TV reports. The drone allows inspectors not only to see the bridge, but to detect temperature […]

Tear Out or Replace: Facility Managers Face Critical Decision When Replacing Aging Induction Units

Many facilities built in the ’70s and ’80s continue to operate and maintain aging induction-based air conditioning units originally installed in each room or space. Not to be confused with fan-driven systems, these quieter, more efficient alternatives have no fans, blowers or moving parts, and so can continue to operate for decades. However, as these […]