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Energy Boom Changes Road Linking To ND Oil Fields

By Andrea J. Cook LUDLOW, S.D. (AP) – As a trucker who identified himself only as “Buck” sees it, the traffic and turmoil generated by the Bakken oil field in North Dakota keeps growing “like a fungus” along U.S. Highway 85, a once quiet two-lane road that is now busy with speeding trucks and big [...]

To Demolish Or Design: Japan Split On 2020 Stadium

By Elaine Kurtenbach TOKYO (AP) – As Tokyo prepares to demolish the half-century old stadium that hosted the first Olympics in Asia, debate is raging over whether the colossal, futuristic replacement planned for the 2020 Games will help revitalize or indelibly mar Japan’s famous capital.

Nigerian Immigrant Brings Entrepreneurial Drive

By Mark Roth PITTSBURGH (AP) – For one Pittsburgh immigrant, the chickens really did come before the eggs. When Emeka Onwugbenu was 9 and growing up in a small village in Nigeria, his grandmother gave him a pair of chickens. For him, they weren’t pets. They were a business opportunity. “They would lay their eggs [...]

New Mexico Oil Country Struggles As Cities Boom

By Jeri Clausing CARLSBAD, N.M. (AP) – The oil field trucks and big rigs rumble through morning and night, creating a first-ever rush hour in this otherwise sleepy 1960s-era tourist and mining town. Hotel rooms along the clogged two-lane highway are mostly booked, some of them fetching nightly rates that rival those in Manhattan. Businesses [...]

Let The Sun Shine In – On White House Solar Panels

By Josh Lederman WASHINGTON (AP) – Technicians have finished installing solar panels on the White House roof, capping a project that President Barack Obama hopes will send a signal that renewable energy is feasible and environmentally shrewd. Obama said in 2010 that he would retrofit his family’s new home with solar panels starting in 2011, [...]